For The People on Colt Ct.

For The People on Colt Ct. Wherever they are.

comcast_logoI do not have an Xfinity home security system, but you know who does? Some dumbass on Colt Ct. Wherever that is. They put my email address in as their own, and I got an email about it. I got a lot of emails about it.

In fact, I got an email notification every time they did anything. Continue reading

Goose Escape

Chicks atop a picture of a genetic map of a chicken.

Photo by Peggy Greb.

Around the corner from my house, on the old Camino Real, there’s a feed store. They have an enclosure full of ducks and geese and other fowl. They breed these, and sell the young. Presumably they also sell adults if someone wants one. (Every spring, they put out a large sign that says “Colored Chicks for Sale.” Oh, man. I almost drove off the road the first time I saw that one.) Continue reading